Why did she delete me off Facebook?

We dated for about 3 months. In the last week of the relationship, we went on a trip together. 3 days later, she wanted to sleep over my parent’s house with me for the first time. Then the next day, I went to her parent’s house (for the first time) for a Christmas party. I met 20 of her family members. Everything was going well. She then was making plans for New Years with me and her. We went out on New Years (even slept together). But the very next morning she ended it. Not giving me a real reason why. I have not texted her (but she texted me once or twice), I do not comment or like anything on her Facebook, I do not look at her snapchat stories (but she always looks at mine) and now she deleted me off Facebook after 2 weeks of the Break Up. She still has my cousins and friends on it. Did she delete me to move on? Should I also delete our pictures on my Facebook?


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  • As much as I wish I were this little mouse in your back pocket when 'She ended it,' to know what the Truth in the Pudding could have been, I am surmising she got some sour ball in her Mouth... And it just went South.
    She is being a cowardly lion by Not stating Why to you as a Guy, her Real Reason of the Season to what she had in mind calling it quits and all after the ball.
    Yes, 'Delete our pictures on Facebook' for now, and I also Surmise she has has already Moved On so maybe it Best that you do the same.
    Perhaps you can even do this with snapchat as well and give her a taste of her own Mystery medicine.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It must be that "new year , new me" bullshit.


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  • This isn't very much details to go on but what we do know for sure is that she broke up with you. Of course you deserve to know why, everyone does after a break up but some people are like this because it's easier. Indeed it is selfish but all you can do now is accept the fact that she was too blind to see what a great guy she left behind (unless you actually wronged her during the relationship) and move on. Do ask her why if that helps you. You have every right to know.

    • She said I treated her very well... So why do you think she deleted me off FB and snapchat?

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    • Could it be that she doesn't want me to see her next relationship? If she has one.

    • I wouldn't exactly say that but could be could not be. I don't know..

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  • what are you waiting for? =\

    confronting her for some closure would be nice.