Why does ex ask my friend about me 2 months later?

I had a theory he was cheating on me based on some stuff. Now i think it might not be true. Either way his friends and him asked my friend about me. Whether i was hurt about it or mad? If i turned negative because of him or relationship? If i was okay? If i told her about my theory (he thanked her for not believing me and she said his eyes showed sincerity) his friend said he wished he did cheat. And what we talked about when we were together, if he was included? Why 2 months later

When an ex asks about you months later?


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  • Hard to say if he cheated or not. Just confront him. Ask him directly. You'll see plainly if he's lying. If you think he really didn't, then get back together. Otherwise, kick him in the balls. Walk away.


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