Help!!! Is there a meaning to this?

I was complaining to my best friend how this guy I met at the bar was so rude and a jerk and she asked me if I talked to my ex lately like right after. It was so out of the blue.

Where did this question come from?

Help please!!!


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  • I don't want to say the wrong thing, but either she's suggesting you get back with him or she could be interested. Could also mean nothing at all.

    • No she's married.
      It could mean nothing but don't you find it weird she brings it up out of the blue after I'm complaining about a different guy?

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    • You are not understanding what I'm saying! I am saying that maybe she is trying to get you to go back to your ex. Not anything about her trying to get with him.

    • Oh yeah that's what I was trying to ask you if it made sense, sorry I wasn't getting it

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