Are there loopholes to cheating on your boyfriend?

I've been with my boyfriend for nine months and I am like kiss frustrated or something cause he does not show me any affection at school until we are on a date which is rarely cause he is always busy but I mean I love him but I kinda like this other guy too and I'm really attracted to him I mean REALLY attracted but I don't know if I would ever date him. Also I do not want to end my boyfriend and I's relationship cause its been going so long I just don't want to so are there loopholes like for kissing? my friend said if the guy kisses you and you push him away its technically not cheating but idk


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  • Loopholes? Cheating is cheating. If you have to ask this question (or orchestrate some kind of soap opera situation) then you already know its wrong- or you would have done it already. Why don't you break up your boyfriend. And then go with this other guy that you obviously like more.

    • I agree with sprakplug. If you are starting to wonder about what it would be like with someone else, then obviously you are lacking something where you're at. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the need to wonder. You should break it off with the current guy and get with the other one.

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