Should I tell my ex boyfriend that I can't be his friend?

My ex boyfriend will be leaving, technically this evening because it's almost 1am. We broke up about 3 weeks ago, and we agreed to be friends and keep in contact, but lately I've been wondering if being friends is such a good idea because I want him back. Should I tell him, or just show him that we can't be friends?


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  • Get back... if you dumped him.

    • He broke up with me

    • Oh that is tough. Yeah you might have to stop being friends. I would just let things be for now and not even push the issue. Still be friends and maybe things will change, but if things do not change in a few months, you will have to move on to another boyfriend.

    • Thank You

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  • You should show him you can't be friends. If he texts you need to ignore them. If you want him back you need to do the 30 days no contact method. Google it. You need him to understand the full meaning of you not being together. If he has you as a friend it means it will soften the break up for him because he knows you are still there for if he needs you. You do not tell him you can't be friends. You show him you can't be friends. You need to make yourself the best you you have ever been. Show him that you can live without him, but not he his friend while you are doing so

    • Thank You so much! Thank you! This is what I was looking for! I was really thinking about just showing him, but I needed a second opinion to be sure! Thank you!

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  • just tell him because some boys don't take hints very well, and will probably mistake your cues and be confused and that'll probably torture him. So just be honest.

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