I'm feeling so sad and like it can't be true?

My boyfriend and I broke up VERY unexpectedly on Saturday (we were supposed to have had a fun date on Saturday and ended up breaking up instead). In the end, I know logically we probably would've broken up at some point due to his very busy next two years with school/work and ultimately wanting different things in the end. However, I am so upset and miss him so much. We lived together for 6 or 7 months and were together almost all the time so it's so weird for him not to be around and for us to not be texting like usual. I can't stop wondering like what he's doing or thinking of him just in general. I keep feeling like this is temporary and that things will go back to normal. I keep feeling like I'm gonna see him again or he'll text me like it never happened. I literally miss him like crazy and it makes it harder because I'm not angry/don't hate him because I understand why we broke up. He didn't screw me over or anything so I'm not mad which makes it harder to move on. With past breakups, a lot of times it ended because the guy cheated or something which made it easier for me to be like "screw you" and forget him because he didn't deserve me. But this guy is a genuinely great guy with a lot of qualities I haven't seen in many other men (other people have noticed this too, not just me) so I also feel like I'm really losing here. I don't want him to become some past memory or "some guy" I used to date.
I also can't imagine dating another guy or doing the things we did with anyone else. I know I need to because that's always helps me get over someone but I just can't.
I'm kind of in a weird situation right now so going out and or trying new things and seeing friends isn't really an option at the moment. I'm kind of isolated so it's making it worse but that can't be changed right now (long story, not really relevant). I just need help/advice

Also, we broke up partly because he said he still loves me but wasn't as happy as he should've been. I was a great girlfriend (his words) and supported him with his difficult job, school and his depression. I cooked often and we had sex a lot (I never turned him down and he said our sex life was "phenomenal").
He said our personalities were too different. He'd always insisted that wasn't an issue before but apparently it was.
Part of what is so hard is that on Friday, everything was normal and he was affectionate and saying I love you and then by Sunday, he wouldn't even let me in his apartment to get my stuff. He gathered everything for me but wouldn't let me check for something that I know I had to have left there. The drastic difference is partly why I feel so devastated I think. I really need a pep talk :(
I feel like because he wasn't as happy as he should've been, that no guy will be happy with me.


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  • coming from a guy in a very similar situation. all you can do pray about and try to live your life the best you can, keep busy, and, as hard as it'll stay surrounded by friends and family


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