How can I get over my ex?

Me and my ex broke up at the end of August after dating for about a year and 2 months.
I was really in love with him and wanted to be with him and make things work more than anything.
But he was not very understanding, and he would hardly ever wanna give me any attention and it was making our relationship a bit hard so we broke up.
We ended on pretty bad terms and he blocked me on everything and we have not spoke at all since.
But I still catch myself thinking about him every day, I still have dreams about him dating someone else and it hurts and I really wish I could get over him and not feel this anymore but it hurts. Because I was really faithful to him.
I feel like even after all this hurt and pain he s put me through I still feel like I want to be with him.
I still feel like I respect him. I even took the blame for out breakup and admitted I might have acted a little childish and offered to at least be friends and I go no response what so ever..
I really miss him so much it hurts while he.. probably is not thinking about me.


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  • He was hardly giving you any attention you say? simply he just wasn't the right guy for you then if you ended it. Just try not to think about him and force him out, hell crush on another guy! :) Probably not much help here but I gave you what I thought :)

  • Leave the spot you are and Find yourself someone else.


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