Guys, HELP!!! So confused? What did this mean?

So I been hanging out with my ex but lately he has been picking to hang out with friends over me even though I thought he liked me. I made this comment to him "so you did plan things just not with me because you don't like me".
All he did was sigh then continued to kiss me.
What did that mean?

Help please!!!


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  • Y'all are just friends now, but apparently you still care for him.

    • Yeah well what did he mean?

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    • Áre you saying he kinda blew it off

    • I'm saying tell him you want to be his girlfriend like I've been saying for 3 days now. If he doesn't really want that then sorry but you'll just have to leave him.

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  • that person use you as a backup plan. If that relationship didn't work before, it won't work now. if you know your real value , you'll know that you deserve better than that messy relationship. that person like bird, leave when the weather change.

    what type of love that made him choose his friends over you? (you know the answer, but afraid from the truth).
    you already knew he's taking advantage of you, but in the end It's your life.

    Good luck...

  • Key word is ex. He's stringing you along lady. Move on.

    • Just because he's an ex doesn't mean he is

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    • good luck with that

    • What if we hang out but don't act like "just friends"