Does my inability to attract a guy reflect on my character or physical attractiveness?

So, I'll just start by saying that I've never had a boyfriend. I'm 18, turning 19 this year. No boy has ever showed even a mild interest in me.
Im not desperate for anyone, but I do sometimes long some form of companionship as I do get lonely.
Im also just wondering why guys are not attracted to me? Should I take it as I'm ugly or perhaps just boring?


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  • There can be many factors and some may not even be related to you specifically. Eventually there will always be someone who will find you beautiful or cute physically, so I think that it's not the major problem. Personality? Could be, I don't know you, but some aspects can distance guys... but attract others. Bad luck? Yes, bad luck can play a role.

    Or you just haven't found a guy yet, you're still young, I wouldn't be so surprised that you haven't. Just keep looking.

    • All right, thank you!
      I'll just stay positive and look forward to whatever may come (:

    • Yeah! That's the spirit! Never give up ;)

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  • There are SOOOOO many factors involved that I can't even name them all. Apart from looks and personality, there are a lot of things which influence guys to approach a girl.. but girls don't understand that. Looking at your age, you are probably in school, or JUST passed out. In school, a girl's popularity is a very huge matter. IF you weren't popular then guys wouldn't want to approach you. Another factor is your reputation- if guys have heard that you're bitchy or you reject guys hard or anything else, they may not approach you. And seeing that no guys approach you, other guys think that the rumours are true

    • I've never been popular before. So I guess that's partly it. But the rejection part... haven't even had the opportunity to reject a guy :P

    • Who told you that you actually have to do something for the rumours to start? That's why they are called rumours.

  • Honestly, if not one guy has tried to fuck you, you're probably ugly.

  • yeah men and women get this slut radiance when they fuck other people and appeal more to other sluts. but i dont care to attract sluts in the first place... .


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