What do I do from here and how do I not be so awkward around her?

This situation began about 3 months ago. So this girl and I are both in college and i thought she was beautifu except we didn't know anything about eachother. So we went out to lunch and really connected. We kept in contact throughout the weeks and went out to dinner right before Thanksgiving break and agian had a good time. I wanted to tell her how i felt but i didn't know how she would respond so i didn't. BUt during Thanksgiving break, we again kept in touch and facetimed one night where that exact conversation came up. She said that she liked me but didn't want to jump into a relationship (also I'm a sophomore and she's a freshman) and she wanted to be her own person and not be referred to as X's girlfirend and wanted to pray about things but she wanted to still get to know me more. We're both Christians so I saw where she was coming from and I began praying too about my exact feelings for her. We came back to school and continued to hangout and have fun together but also had our space so that she could make a name for herself around our friends and our campus ministry. We went on our first date together before winter break and it went really well. We both knew that going inot the break would be tough considering we wold be hours from eachother and that the break was 5 weeks long. But we made it work through texting, facetiming and snapchat. We had planned at the end of the break for me to go and see her and meet her family. We continued to pray about our discernment. The day came for me to see her and her family and it was by far one of the best days for both of us. I won't go into too many details but at the end of the night we kissed and usually that's a good sign. That was about 4 weeks ago. I went back home and it seemed that during the next week, things were off for us. It turned out she lost those feelings for me. We talked and and she wants to remain friends but that seems hard right now. I value her as a person and i know feelings will go away.


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  • It is difficult to go backwards in a relationship. Don't expect too much from yourself.