What can I do in this situation?

My ex and i broke up a little over 3 months ago and she broke up with me cuz i was too dependent and she told me she lost feelings for me, ever since she has been in a bad emotional state, always saying she had a terrible day the other day she told me i was the only one she talked to on a daily basis! She is very upset tonight, I've been asking her to hang out to try and get her mind off things I've told her im here if she needs anything! What else can i do? I want to keep her in my life i care about her a lot, yes i do still have feelings for her ( as you can tell) i want her to know that its not a bad thing to only talk one person yea we dated but that just means we have trust in one another i trust her with my life and find her to be very amazing and she deserves so much better than to be so depressed right now! I want to just hug her and be there for her! What do i do?


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  • What is she depressed about?

    • The thing is I don't know i want her to feel comfortable talking to her and im trying not to continue asking i just keep telling her im here if she needs anything

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    • Yes she told me she wants to be friends, she always tells me im a good guy, she says she's
      Glad she has me around especially on those days when she is so stressed she thanks me for listening to her rant and i like being there for my friends im like that with everyone i know would do the same for me and cares about me :)

    • I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

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  • It's gonna be up to her man. It's cool that you're offering an ear to her. But she may feel she can't talk to you because of the things you mentioned. Maybe she doesn't wanna lead you on by accident or maybe she feels that if she keeps talking to you, her feelings for u may come back, which is something she doesn't want. She's used to telling you everything, but she's trying hard not to end up back with you. It sounds mean but it's something she just doesn't want with you right now. I'd say to just leave her be. Let her come to you.

    • How can i know when to let her be? How do i know when she wants to talk? Or when i should ask her to do something? What can i do to prove to her i just want her to cheer up and im wanting for us to both be able to be happy as friends for now and if something later down the line happens then id be extremely excited cuz i do still love her, she is amazing, we just aren't on the right emotional level to focus on getting back together

    • I'm sure you've done all that already dude. Just leave her alone. She doesn't feel the same and maybe she just needs space. You can tell her you're always available to talk but don't be constantly trying to get her to talk. Because A: you guys are broken up and you should work on moving on, and B: you're going to come across as desperate and needy for her attention. Which is always a turn off for girls. If you're checking on her more than twice a week, it's too much. And once she's fine, leave her alone completely until she hits you up. Unfortunately since you're the one who got broken up with, you're role in contacting the other person is almost non existent. You don't want to make her feel awkward if u still wanna be friends

    • Ok i feel like you think i ask her to tell me whats wrong i just simply say hey if you need anything let me know :) i like her to know she has someone to talk to, cuz she doesn't like talking to her mom sometimes so i just give her someone to talk to, and she tells me she is glad she has someone that wants to know how she feels, she went on a big rant the other day saying she was mad that the only person that ever cares is me, her family like shadows her out and she hates it but she said she's glad she has me around still and im glad we are friends! She is a really amazing young woman and she doesn't appreciate how hard she tries on things but she is definitely someone ill always care about and be there for!

  • All you can do is keep trying to reach out, but eventually you'll have to move on if she doesn't want to get back with you

    • Im not focused on getting her back, i want her to be okay i feel right now im not good on an emotional level either im trying to get myself back to how i was at the beginning of our relationship for my sake not just for her but for me in the long run if it leads to her getting those feelings back and all then ill definitely be a lot better i want to prove to myself i can be me before i focus on anything else

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