Girls, Whispering to your friends about an ex?

I have an old-old exGF from more than a few years ago.

The relationship was messy, it didn't end well.

She married another guy, had a kid and started a normal life.

I moved away did my own thing with a whole diffrent group of people.

Here recently I started noticing some women from this (old-old) exGF town popping up on my fb.
"people you might know" list.

They didn't look familiar - so I checked them out.
Low and behold both of them are friends with my old-old.

Some of friends say that its just a fluke - but I dont like coincidences.
(I never get happy coincidences - just awkward ones)

Do you think she is telling these friends of hers about me?
And if so - what would be of such value to make them look me up?

The good/ the bad?

  • its a fluke
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  • old-old is still pissed and talking about me
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  • it is bad