Ok people! Here is a silly question?

Amidst all the wedding Hungama, i am obsessing about a pigeon which has laid eggs in a corner of my balcony which I haven't had the heart to evacuate! And now these eggs are refusing to hatch!!! And they better do so because I can't be looking after pigeon babies during my wedding! Grrrr arrrgghhh and damn any suggestions what I can do and still be kind to the fertile pigeon and her yet to hatch brood?


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  • Found this from a forum:

    "What you do is torment the pigeons for a while with pepper spray for several days for kicks. After you have gotten your laughs you bring out the towel and string. At this point you need to throw the towel over one of the pigeons. Wrap the pigeon up tightly but allow its head to stick out. Then, proceed to tie the pigeon down. Turn on the camping stove and heat the skillet. Apply nonstick cooking spray to the skillet liberally. Make sure the pigeon can has a good view of the skillet. Proceed to crack the eggs and fry them right in front of the pigeon. Go ahead and cook up some bacon and toast. Apply salt and pepper to taste. Then eat your breakfast in front of the pigeon. FYI, pigeon eggs taste like quail eggs. The pigeons usually come back and roost again. So, you will be able to get a delicious breakfast every now and again. Hope this helps."

  • Here's a silly answer