How do I handle this situation?

I was in a relationship with my baby's dad for 4 years, we have a 4 month old together. Throughout the relationship he was never faithful, including during my pregnancy so I became very resentful towards him so we broke up when our daughter was around 4 weeks old but come to find out even before then he was already messing with his brothers baby mamas little sister (messy as hell). So about two weeks go by and he's like I'm still in love with you and I'm only with her cause I can't have you so I give him another chance (dumb). Things are going good for a while and then we start having issues because I find out he gave me genital herpes. Granted I know he got it a long time ago but it's still heartbreaking but he expected me to just get over it so we start having problems again so around Christmas, while I'm out of town with the baby, she's at his house with her sister and I see on Twitter that they have been comminicating so we broke up. Not even a week after we brake up this dude is in a full blown relationship with her, telling her he loves her like wtf. I just found out today that she's been at the house around my daughter like this is digging in my soul, it just hurts so bad. I'm trying really hard to be okay but I'm not at all. I'm not over him at all even though he's a bastard but I have no idea how to handle this. I really wanna be mature about it too.


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  • Well, don't be with that guy is probably the best solution. As for the girl being around your daughter, you can't really do anything about that because its also his daughter and the fact that the other girl is going to be around him who is around your daughter is inevitable. The best you can do is think about all the bad and all the things he put you through which from the sounds of it shouldn't be all that difficult. The question for me, is why you have feelings for him? It sounds like he is scummy person, he cheated on you multiple times, he lied to you, he gave you herpes (you really should have been using a condom) didn't seem to care about your feelings etc etc, so why would you like him? Move on and find some one else is the only thing you can really do.

  • You are making bad decision after bad decision. You've already ruined your life and created another person who will also have a horrible life.

    There is something you can do: Get your tubes tied.


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