How can I stop being bitter and angry about a break up?

I can't believe I'm still angry. A few months ago I left this guy I had been exclusively dating for months because he was talking to other girls and saw nothing in wrong in sleeping with others even though he wanted a relationship, we never got there though because his shady behavior was a red flag to me. I did have very strong feelings for him but I felt like it was right to leave and when I do it's almost like he blames it on me saying that well I didn't seem interested in him because we barley spoke. Well duh, maybe I pulled away for a reason.. What's worse is that he started pulling the I'm gonna make you jealous. He then quickly got into a relationship and shoved it in my face and they did all the things we did together. I don't know why but it made me so angry. It's been calm now but I still feel angry and jealous I suppose because deep down I wish that we were together and I miss what we had. How can I let go and stop being so bitter about it?


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  • You should try the not care and delete him from your life mode, it works for most people and before you decide on this you should think. Is he still a friend? or is he just a ass wipe that makes your life worse? if he's just a friend then just take it as a joke and walk along, if he's a ass wipe then just take him out your life, though you dated him, so what? not like your not going to date any other guys in the future. If he's trying to make you jealous then he has nothing better to do.


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  • I get what you mean. I believe the best thing for you might be that you need to distract yourself from "thinking" about it. Maybe finding a new hobby or interests or getting busy with your studies or career.

    Furthermore you can also look for new relationships maybe? going out meeting people and understanding that there are many people out there who you might click :)