When ex says this (details) does she mean it (I need urgent help please)?

So what happened is I did a mistake and I wasn't aware of it. She made the mistake to not tell me (I would stop it immediately) and then she did a bigger mistake. The bigger fault is hers and she acknowledges that too. I love her and I want to continue to be with her even with all these. She says she can't. She doesn't feel good for me and for her after what she did and she wants to think about what she did and correct them. She also misunderstood me for my fault. I gave her the impression that I showed her a face I hided till that time.
This was a great mistake from me to make her think that and from her to believe it. So I explained exactly why I did it and who I am really. She misunderstood me that time and she will think about what I told her. She said that we have to part now and we can retry later although she's somewhat unsure if it'll be the same. I believe it will be the same and better. Also.. this has happened one more time but the first time we broke up for a silly reason and got back together after some months.
She told me that she likes the thought of being together with someone on long term.. be stable. But she's afraid that if we get back together she will have to marry me and have kids. She doesn't have a problem with me and doing that but.. she's afraid of commitment as I am too (thinking it from such a young age). We know that if we hadn't done these mistakes we would keep it for a long time thats for sure. Generally she's afraid of the commitment. I told her to forget of commitment and just have on her mind the "lets try later".
We got back together from the first "later". Is it possible that I can be together with her again? Even her sister told me I have hopes. Not me, not even her knows how long "later" is gonna be tho... help people...

Older people.. please dont judge our age... please.. I dont want to put my emotions on the question too so dont make it worse ok?


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  • Not enough information. What mistakes? Big mistakes like cheating or something else?


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