Can A Relationship Between Two People Who Live Far Apart Work Out?

Hello, everyone!

So, recently, I met this sweet and amazing guy. He is a few years younger than me, but... We connected so much. He's sweet and kind and such a great person. But, the problem is I live in the states and he is from Australia.

Even though we have so much fun talking and we care so much about each other, I worry that no physical contact may hinder things. Should I be worried? Can this possibly work out? I hope so because I've never been this happy in a relationship...

Any advice you guys can offer would be wonderful. Thanks! Have a good one! 😀


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  • girlfriend Russia Me Philippines. Going 3 years ldr. Not a problem as long as both of you cleared it out what is important and what makes a relationship relationship. Plus learn ways to spice things up when distanced. Also... it should be stated how easy or difficult for both to be in one place someday, not only when but how difficult or easy. But in my relationship... distance is never a problem... it is just like any other relationship only... it is safer... why? Because distance is the best condom.

    • Fiancee now. Cheers

    • Congratulations! ❤

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  • My husband and I were long-distance for 14 months, starting 15 hours after we met. We've been happily married -- ecstatically, deliriously happily married -- for almost 15 years, now.

    Honestly, I think EVERY relationship should go through a LDR phase for at least 6 months. If your relationship can't last through that, then your relationship isn't actually a relationship.

    The LDR phase is a very good way to ensure that you have an actual, substantive basis for a relationship.
    Just as importantly, it's also an excellent way to ensure that both of you have functional lives of yr own, and that neither of you will become a parasite upon the other.


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  • I actually talked about this a lot since I'm in a LDR myself, if I will write now it will be a long story 😂 you can message me and we can talk about it 😊

  • Hello there.

    Well its a good thing that you are happy in this relationship and you are positive about it and hopefully i believe that guy is positive about it too.

    But long distance relationship are truly hard, first you have to ask yourself; will you ever see him in person? or is he just an online friend?
    Does he feel the same and give importance to you as you give to him? and so on.

    Relationships without physical contact and daily communication will get really tough eventually. Maybe you guys could talk about it seriously and decide how to take things from here.

    Lastly, if both of you are determined and positive about it, things will hopefully work out in future :)

    • We actually talk everyday. We use snapchat to send photos. He was the one who made me consider the relationship because he feels so strongly that it can work. I really hope that it does... :)