Dealing with dating someone who feels inferior to you?

Hi... i'm in a very strange situation... i had been dating a guy who i had immpeccable chemistry with.. we were so into each other and things ended up falling apart because he has a lot personal problems and trouble with relationships... I absolutely adored him, but things kind of fell apart because he thought I was out of his league and he didn't feel like he deserved to be with me. He used to have a history of cheating and he didn't want to dissappoint me. It broke my heart that these issues from his past continued to haunt him and ruin something finally good. He has a new girlfriend now who seems very blah and seems like a safe option and someone to have so he isn't alone. I've ran into him a couple times and I can still feel the intense attraction and chemistry we had for each other.. he doesn't take his eyes off me whenever we are in the same room and he ends up contacting me after that... he seems like a very confused soul... I just don't know what to do... things just don't feel over... I wish there was something I could do... I don't know how to help someone overcome those insecurities... any advice?


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  • You can't! U turn the other way! He won't change not without some therapy! You could make him gets some help. Ya know. i would tell him this: You need self esteem dude lots of it! You got think you deserve more when you die u don't want have regrets. The dead can never live again. Never settle for less or you will be a miserable man indeed!

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