Why would we have an amicable break up, (she dumped me) but then she block me on facebook and Instagram?

We had a small argument, afterwards (and i felt this coming for a week or more), she wanted to be friends... I said I can't... a week later I told her I would, but she ignored me... then proceeds to talk to a mutual friend about how she's "done giving me chances" and goes on only about the negative in our relationship..

finally, maybe because I mentioned it to the mutual friend, maybe not (I'm not sure)... she finally blocks me on both facebook and instagram... feels very personal and I never really gave her a reason to hate me... treated her very well, we just weren't a good fit for reasons that don't relate to right or wrong.



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  • It's just better that way.

    • better to erase someone completely out of your life? Like hitting the delete button on months of mostly good and some bad memories? I guess I don't get it.

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    • Thanks for your valuable input.. I never want to fall in love again.

    • It can be rough going at first when things don't work out... But good luck bouncing back. :)

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  • Do amicable break ups ever work out lol? A friend of mine recently joined my closer friend group (the group that I do everything with) because she had an "amicable breakup with a guy (who broke up with her) and he and all his friends ignored her so she ended leaving that group.

    I guess that's how "amicable" breakups work lol.


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