Do I ask him why he keeps looking at me or will I ignore it?

Ex.. Keeps looking at my dating profile- I've ignored him like I was told to but this is a new year and he's still doing it!

he also has a girlfriend so I'm not deleting mine as I'm single and seriously looking for happiness, no ounce of confidence to go out and find someone to date so use online dating.. I'm sick of being lonely.. probably sure him and his girlfriend siting laughing at my pictures and stuff, getting paranoid which is making me feel worse, confidence is plummeting further by fact anyone that talks to me on it only wants to hook up..

just fed up really x


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  • you harsh on yourself. If you knew how to love or treat yourself, probably you won't care about what others think. overthinking will lead you to dead end called desperation. just give yourself a break... like instead of looking for happiness (on other), I look for it within myself. cuz waiting for someone to make you happy is the best way to be sad.

    just ignore your ex, contact him at this time mean (I'm desperate without you). be happy that you made other mind busy.

  • Maybe he really likes you or is amazed by your profile and whatnot

    • Lingering feelings* durr..

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    • I've already done that

    • There's not much you can do unless there's like an online restraining order or something

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