2 part question, and only one of them asks if I'm attractive :D

1. Am I attractive?


2. My friend has been really happy with her boyfriend, but I know for a fact that he is and will cheat on her again. I know this because he used to be my friend and he did the same sh*t before. He slept with at least 5 girls during the last semester, and had a girlfriend (different one) the whole time. I told him not to mess around when he's with my friend, but I doubt he'll listen to me. I'm wondering if I should tell her what a scum he is, even though I have no proof, or hope that he will change his ways before someone gets hurt?


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  • 1. You could be, if you shaved. Shave the facial hair and you'll look great!

    2.NO. Keep your mouth shut. She will only hate you if you tell her first and she finds out later. Let her find out for herself. Everyone eventually gets hurt, but it's up to them to be adults and decide how to handle these things for themeselves. The only thing you can do is be there for her when she needs a friend.Best of luck, my friend.


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  • Lose the glasses and shave.

    And no, let her find out for herself. If he hasn't done anything to her yet, there's no reason to say anything.

  • sure


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