The man I want told me this?

My ex broke up with me 2 months ago, im still not been grand since he did it.
Never said anything except he was done.
The other day i was missing him so bad. So i called him. He picked up. I was stunned that he did. Than he said some words and i hung up on him. Ten minutes later he calls me. Asked whats going on.
I explain what was going on. Than we got to talking about us.
He says he wants marriage and a family but with someone his age. Mind you im ten years older than him. I went off cus it never bothered him before.
Than he asked me if i ever thought of us married. I said yes. He was like oh...
But what was weird to me is he was telling that he can't watch tv shows or movies no more by himself cus he dont love him self kinda weird excuse.
To me what he said is that he is missing me.
What is your take on this.
I think he wants me back and made a mistake but his pride got to him


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  • I'm sorry, but me beating around the bush won't help you. It bothered him before, but he never saw marriage as an option. You sound like you are in love, but I would say you should try to move on. If you love him, consider the fact that if what he really wants is marriage, a family and kids; someone his age would be the best option.

    If you can attract a man 10 years younger, then you are probably very attractive. You should give guys around your age a shot. If you prefer younger guys in their 20s and still and decide to go for them, then make sure you don't get attached to them. It will most likely be physical 99.9% of the time.

    I will probably be downvoted into oblivion, but I don't want you to waste your time if there is possibly something better out there for you.

    • I dont date men my age, reason they dont want nothing but sex. Even older is the same towards me.

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    • I dont dress special nor flirt. I think it might be how i think or carry myself.

    • You are the only constant. I'm glad you see this. It may also be the places where you hang out. For example, guys don't go to clubs to look for "the future mother of their children". I hope this helps.

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  • I agree with the guys here. Though him simply saying he's missing you isn't enough. Has he contacted you to say this? Maybe he's simply looking for an ego boost that you still care.

    I would advise light and friendly conversation first. Say things that interest him but don't be so available to him. Make him chase you again. Relax with your friends and focus on yourself. If he's stubborn it will only last so long if he still cares about you.

    Definitely try and meet for a coffee (As abc3643 suggested), it'll be easier to judge how he feels in person.


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  • This is a very interesting question. I'm not sure, but consider meeting up with him for coffee or something and just get together and talk. I think your question will be better answered simply by the vibe he gives and words he says in that setting.

  • "I went off cus it never bothered him before."

    Because before he maybe didn't think of actually having a full-on family and it grew on him that he wanted?

  • sounds very honest based off the writing so in my opinion he is telling the truth

    but he is ten years younger so he doesn't have the same experience you do, and he needs to gain this experience to make a good judgement, I think he feels like he is missing out on life cause of you and not in a bad way

    but for himself he sounds lost in my opinion I could be wrong please correct me

    • He was with me for 7 months. I knew he fell in love for the first time and i saw it but didn't say anything cus he was new to all the dating and such. He was a late bloomer. It just seems wishy washy cus he talks like he wants me but than he dont.

    • he probably does but there's something probably on his mind

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