Was it my fault that my drug addicted ex left me?

So I met this guy on the last work, when we met the chemistry between us were strong and I when we left the work he asked where did I live, so I said I was looking for a room in city and he immediately said he had twoavailable rooms in his apartment.

I said I would think about that once we didn't even known each other well... Next days he kept saying I was going to live with him which I was always refusing with thr argument of getting us to know better. The day after that we went on a date and we kissed and he confessed me he was into drugs...

I totally got shocked and asked him what kind of and he said almost everything and I just got speechless. He said that he was sad with me and I shouldn't even met his friends once we belong to two different worlds...

I kept saying I wanted to be with him no matter what and ask him to try fir his own health to just smoke weed which he agreed... He kissed me again anf said we would be a couple. The day after he started to pressure me to gonto his house and sleep together with no bad intentions he said which I refused and said it was too early. That night we still havr been together and I asked him to tell about me to his friends... Next day he was cold with me and said that he talked to friends as I said and it was better to leave me according to his friends.. My heart broke up completely I just couldn't imagine what he was doing, but at tge end of conversation I asked to talk personally next day which he didn't do.. I tried to message her on fb and got no response after he seen message, anf finally I tried to contact him by phone.. He was very rude asking who it was and I asked him if he deleted my number which he said he only didn't save it... Then he started to be very rude saying that he wasn't liking me attitudes and that he never wanted to be with me again, that I was worthless and felt pitty about me and even asked me to not contact him anymore.

A month later (aft

A month later ( after he told me not to contact him anymore and blocked him) he sent me again a rude text about something he said he knew I talked about us on work and again that he felt pitty about me anf I was going to die alone...

Sorry for the huge text.. But I would just like to know if I have any fault in his behaviour or is he just insane?


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  • I think you got played.. Why waste time with a drug addict loser anyway.


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