I think my parents should split... should I tell my daddy?

My stepdad has raised me with my mother since I was three months old. They just had their 13th wedding anniversary this past November. They met in the Navy through mutual friends and started dating. They got married after my mother had my half-brother. My mother got out of the Navy to raise us, while my stepfather continued his career. Around year 10 of their marriage, my stepfather decided to cheat with one of his subordinates. For three years. And live with her and her two daughters, Monday through Friday and he still had the nerve to *sometimes* come see us on the weekends. This was the first of his three known "coworkers", butthe only he's lived with (as far as we know). I hate him, but I feel obligated to give him the respect I'd give him a stranger. All my friends say I should ignore him and/or be a total bitch to try to drive him away, but I can't bring myself to do it. I definitely get on his case, but I just can't tell him what I think of him. Knowing my parents, I'd probably get in trouble for it, as it'd be nothing good lol My real dad is coming to see me this weekend for a couple hours before his plane leaves. My question is basically, "Should I tell my daddy that I rarely see that my home life blows?" I don't wanna bum him out or be a drag or anything, but a couple of my friends think I should tell him. What should I do?

I ended up not sayin anything. I told him they don't seem to seem to get along and that I don't think my mother likes my step-dad. I also mentioned that they fight a lot. He just blew it off with "Naw, if her and I were together, WE'D fight a lot" and he laughed. I Iaughed too and just let it go. Thanks for all the help though! 🐢


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  • No because it will break your dads heart


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  • I don't think you should be a bitch, be mature about it and honest. You should tell him how you feel

    • Okay so don't talk bad about my stepdad, but rather just kinda confess my feelings?

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    • Just tell him you want to talk to him!

    • Alrighty. We'll see how it goes lol Thanks :)

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