Will my ex and I get back together or stay fwb?

So, my ex and I dated for about two years. This was our first serious relationship, and we both loved each other very much. However, at the end of our relationship we kept fighting, mainly over stupid jealousy issues that are fine now. Anyways, after a major fight I broke up with him, and I was such a mess. I would cry and call him and text and talk about him to everyone and he wanted nothing to do with me. I was so hurt. Eventually, we started talking again and got back together. However, two weeks later, he broke up with me after a fight. We didn't talk much after. So, there's this club thing that I'm apart of, and I have to ask someone to go as my date to one of the formals. I asked him (just as a friend), and he was really really rude about it and I just said I'll ask someone else. Two weeks later, we're talking, but only about homework, and again he's rude about it even though I've done nothing but been mature and haven't said anything rude to or about him. I haven't told him how I've felt, and I don't know if he misses me or not. But, a couple days ago he texts me randomly one night saying that if I still needed a date to that thing he would be fine with going, I then told him I asked someone else already. So hopefully, he learns that he's replaceable. Anyways, later that night he texted me again and we started talking about the last time we hooked up (which was last week) and when we were going to again and things like that. I don't know if he actually missed me after finding out that in going with another guy instead of crawling back to him and try to make an effort to get back with me, or if this is just us hooking up now and then with no use in trying to get back together. I'm just really confused...


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  • You two need to work out your issues and quit playing games it isn't health for either of you