Should I be worried or ignore it and move on?

Hey peeps,
Still confused... I broke up with this man... it has been 3mos now... We were seeing each other for 2yrs... and because of a terrible event we ended it againts our will.
He again messaged me after 3mos saying... that He doesn't know what to say... but still attracted to me..."like a moth on a flame"... like one... He most probably get burned"...
So we had an exchange of messages... He said his times are difficult.. etc... I said am good and I wished him etc...& he was unresponsive...
I sent him a message avoid me and forget me...& i cancelled my email account so he cannot reach me any longer. So now, I am pretty sure there will be "zero" contact...
Now am thinking If should I be worried when He compared himself to a "moth"? and to "most probably get burned?"... He likes to use this idiomatic phrase which I have to decode...

I just want to move on... We had a painful break-up...& I dont want to be reminded of it... I dont want to be guilty of incase his "idioms"... meant danger on his part... what does he really meant by it? I walked away and ignore whatever his message meant!



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  • The expression is "like a moth to a flame" He's still attracted and knows that it will only cause further pain. Ignore it and move on.

    • Yes.. This is it.. I know what moth is... and gets attracted to a flame... I guess what concerns me is the "most probably get burned"... He is such a BS, what the F messaging me for... So I did sent him a nasty message... that will make him hate me... and to despise me...& I cancelled me email account. Unless, He will purposely stalk me... that is the only way he could see me. Otherwise, everything has been cut off & I can move on peacefully... than him keep throwing this msgs for whatever reason is...

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