Cheating boyfriend

i have been seeing this guy for one month and he really shows he loves me and cares when were together but the problem is he doesn't call much or tries to see me as often. what he doesn't know is that I found his other MySpace in which he says I love you to his ex and he posted pics of her and him together from the past. I cannot ask him about it because he may think I'm crazy that I searched his name.the reason why they are not together is because she left for college. but she is comming back in 5 months. what I did ask though is if he still loved his ex and he said no. and that he only loves and has feelings for me. I broke up with him because of the whole MySpace thing he doesn't know I know about, but hen he just asked me back out again and said he really does love me. so I gave him another chance. I'm scared though, what if he is just using me?

why would he spend money on me if he doesn't really what to be with me and still loves his ex?


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  • It seems like his feelings for you are true but if he loves you he'll accept that you 'came across' that MySpace page and it made you worry about your relationship. If you show him that you care that much about him and his happiness, he should easily come to terms and understand why you broke up with him. Honesty is a good trait, afterall you broke up with him for perhaps being dishonest?

    • Yeah but were still together and all the things he writes about his ex and the pictures he uploads is breaking my heart. I don't know if I should keep my mouth sealed and just pretend like I didn't see the page or just break up with him

    • I think you should ask him about it. It could be a misunderstanding, and you'll never know until you find out.

  • depends if he is still writing to her. if he is, break it off with him. ur wasting your time. he might be just playing you. and maybe he's spending money on you because he feels bad?

    i bought my boyfriend food on wednesday because I felt guilty because I don't think I like him anymore.

    you should tell him about the MySpace thing. BUT say that your other friend found the site and showed it to you. don't mention that you found it. and tell him about how its bugging you.

    if I were you I'd break it off with him and move on. or just play him.

    • Thanks I totally agree

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