Why does my 5 yr old always come back from his dad's house angry?

My 5 yr old stays with his dad for a wk and then with me for a wk. When his dad drops him off at my house he comes back angry and not talking. However a few hours later he is back to his normal self. I do not understand it because he tells me he loves me and is very affectionate towards me while he is at my house, but the minute he goes back with his dad he returns angry. I am trying to figure this out, but it's not like that dad will communicate with me at all. So it's a moot point. Has anyone ever experienced this with their children.

I have also caught my ex and his mom coming by my apt. complex late in the evening. Just as they drove up, i was coming down stairs at 6pm to take out my garbage. When they noticed I saw them they were like oh hey we were just coming by to make sure you were aware of the schedule etc. I thought this was odd bc they could have called or texted me. However from when I caught them they were just doing a drive by.


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  • I would investigate more on this and simply ask the kid how his day was with his dad and what they are doing


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  • Do you ask your 5 year old why he is angry? I have a kid a year older, and he's able to verbalize and tell me details after details, of why he is upset.
    Something just doesn't seem right, and you have to question your child about it.
    There's something about the environment he is in that is causing him to feel upset.
    Like any young kid, he is able to quickly move past his emotions but that doesn't mean that there isn't a trigger.
    I'd get to the bottom of this.

    • Now I wouldn't make any wild accusations or speculations but, I'd definitely question my child a little more.

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  • Maybe he'd be happier with his father.


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  • Ever considered asking the kid?