Should I continue to ignore him?

My ex and I had been friends then dated a few months last fall. In December he ended things because he thought I was going to move away, and he said he couldn't do distance and to just be friends. Anyway, we remained friendly and talked basically every day, then we went on vacation together with my brother (it had been planned before the breakup). I didn't hook up with him at all, and in fact I got over him and saw him as a friend. Then this past New Years I ended up hooking up with him. We began dating exclusively again for the first few weeks of January, but then out of nowhere he suddenly told me that he felt overwhelmed by his feelings for me and he felt like he couldn't be in a relationship right now. He told me repeatedly he loves me and that there is nobody else (and I believe him). He said he sees a future with me, but right now he feels like he can't give me his all and be the best boyfriend for me. I was devastated that he did this to me again so I broke up with him before he had a chance to do it again.

Sorry for the long story, but I tried to remain his friend but its impossible because we both love each other. The other day he tried to kiss me, and said he hasn’t been with any other girls and that he’s so sorry for his behavior and mental state.
So last night I called him and told him I can’t be just his friend and that I think we shouldn’t talk for a while. He was upset by this, but he told me he wants me to do what makes me happy. What should I do now? I’m sure he expects me to call him to


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  • i do not understand. if you both like hook up and he loves you such way he is not sure if he is worth to you why you want to ignore him. just asking out of curiosity.

    • I don't want to "ignore" him per se. I'm just trying to do the no contact because being around him makes me want him romantically. I don't think I can just be his friend, and I told him this. He hasn't tried to contact me since we spoke last night, so should I continue doing no contact?

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    • Thank you for your input. I think he is insecure because he hates when guys hit on me in front of him. Also, his friends love me and always tell him that he's lucky to have me. So perhaps he is insecure because of this.
      So, what should I do? I really love him, but it hurts me so much when he does this to me.

    • just tell him you love him. not his friends and not anyone else just like he tells you he won't love anyone else. also tell him he should tell his friends that you are his girlfriend...

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