Does this count as me cheating?

I had never given out my number to men, but to my gfs. Me and my boyfriend broke for about a week and 1 of my friends gave my number to guy who was already my friend. Me and my boyfriend got back 2gether and then this guy started calling me. I would talk w. him for 5-10 min but only sometimes. I never called him, but we were gonna hang out.

I told my boyfriend where we'd be at and that this guy was calling me. he seemed fine with it. During this time this guy made me nervous and kissed me. I tried to leave but I didn't know my way back home casue it was my first time there. so I went with it. we didn't have sex, and after I kept saying to leave the guy showed me back home

When I got home I called my boyfriend and told him what happened. (we got physical). I never like the guy that way, and I told him I just didn't know what to do. He said I cheated on him, and then he cheated on me for 10mos with his coworker and never told me. I found out from her showing up.

Her said that he did to get back at me form me cheating on him. but I don't fell like I cheated on him, since I never wanted to do anything with the guy. Is this cheating?
Does this count as me cheating?
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