Does this count as me cheating?

I had never given out my number to men, but to my gfs. Me and my boyfriend broke for about a week and 1 of my friends gave my number to guy who was already my friend. Me and my boyfriend got back 2gether and then this guy started calling me. I would talk w. him for 5-10 min but only sometimes. I never called him, but we were gonna hang out.

I told my boyfriend where we'd be at and that this guy was calling me. he seemed fine with it. During this time this guy made me nervous and kissed me. I tried to leave but I didn't know my way back home casue it was my first time there. so I went with it. we didn't have sex, and after I kept saying to leave the guy showed me back home

When I got home I called my boyfriend and told him what happened. (we got physical). I never like the guy that way, and I told him I just didn't know what to do. He said I cheated on him, and then he cheated on me for 10mos with his coworker and never told me. I found out from her showing up.

Her said that he did to get back at me form me cheating on him. but I don't fell like I cheated on him, since I never wanted to do anything with the guy. Is this cheating?


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  • The definition of cheating is open to interpretation. You will find a number of different answers depending on whom you ask. I personally would of appreciated the honesty if you told me you kissed another guy. Based on your honesty I wouldn't pin this mistake as cheating. The trust bond would be hurt though, which would require some time to heal. If you had sex with the guy, different story, that's a whole world of different hurt than just kissing. My definition of cheating is being emotionally attracted and or hooking up someone that is not your significant other, whether it be your boyfriend or wife/husband, AND LYING ABOUT IT. The dude cheated on you, based on my definition, and is an asshole for it. As tough as it may be to realize right now, the dude isn't worth your time, and you should just walk away and find someone whom will respect you and treat you well, not get back at you.

    On another note, kissing the other dude was something that you should of known as something that you SHOULD NOT DO if you had a boyfriend. We all make mistakes, nobodies perfect, but you should know (I hope you do) that its not okay to do. If you want the luxury of working multiple men, remain single.


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  • It feels like a cop-out to me, no offence sweetheart. If I were in your boyfriends shoes, it would make me feel like you didn't trust me with the truth.

    Even though you may have done exactly what you're saying, you were still within control of the situation and chose to stay and get directions home. During a relationship, it's wrong to have gone over there in the first place while having the assumption of what he was trying to do. I'd recommend avoiding the situation in the future (delete the new guys' number and move on). He obviously must have known about your ex-boyfriend and you getting back together being as you two were communicating, which shows that he was being slightly pushy for a relationship.

    I don't like to point fingers, so let's just exclude the information about him cheating and save your sanity for the future. Just move on to a new guy, it will be a little scary at first, but you will be much more confident and happy with someone new that treats you right.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • So somehow, your lips just happened to land on this guys lips as well? Sorry, but you cheated.

    But your boyfriend is an idiot too for cheating and getting back at you. Did you mean he cheated on you for 10 months? Either way, I don't see this relationship working out in the long run.

  • You had no intent to cheat. You 'fessed up to your boyfriend. He rejected that confession.

    I'm on your side that you didn't 'cheat'.

    He has the problem.


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