How do you know you love someone?

I have to end up being 56 and not being much further in love... I'm going to study philosophy, seriously


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  • I guess you know you are in love with someone is when you close your eyes and try to sleep and their face pops in your head.
    You know you love someone when your heart aches for them.
    You think about them more than you think about God.
    You pray for them a lot (or you always wish good for them).
    You go out of your way to give them everything, even if they give nothing in return.
    You cry for them. a lot.
    You care about their well being
    When you think about them you can't help but smile.
    And most of all:
    You let them go.
    Because you feel in your heart you are not good enough for them and its better if they find someone who will be better than you.
    You hold unto them; because only you know that you can only take care of them; and the rest of the world will try to crush them. You are their sheild.


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  • When you creampie em and not be paranoid if they're gonna get pregnant.


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  • Pff, I don't even know when I like someone let alone love.

    Though I consider what I feel towards my younger siblings to be love. I mean, I'd jump in front of a plane for those two. And have you seen the size of those wheels?

  • I don't know. You just do it.


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