Ex-boyfriend is moving away. Should I be afraid he'll forget about me?

We dated for 2 years, both of us are students. During these years we lived together in student dorm; he broke up with me two month ago but because we live near each other we still stayed in contact.

He broke up with me because he "felt suffocated and we fought a lot", though he still claimed that he had strong feelings. And he still wanted to stay in touch and didn't want to lose me. I decided to give him space and tried not to be clingy - he initiated almost all the contact after break up.

But at some point he started sending mixed signals - he said that he has feelings, but needs time etc., needs to see that I changed, is not ready for commitment at the moment and needs to figure out his life. Though he was still calling me from time to time, wanted to spend time together and we had long deep conversations.

I still had hope but i was really tired of the situation and i started ignoring his phone calls (because i was tired of small talk). He called for 3 days and finally i answered - he was mad and said that i was immature. In the end he came to my place and started talking about our break up again and that "i pushed him to do this", "we have lack of communication" etc.

He asked "what can i do to make you feel better" and finally i set my boundaries and said that he shouldn't show up in my life anymore. That during these months i hoped a lot but now i am giving up and that i was hurt a lot.

I want to be with him but i really can't understand what he wants from me and how should i act.

He's moving to his own apartment in a couple of weeks (30-40 min away) and i am really afraid that he'll totally forget about me (new place, new people, new life).
He wanted to move away even before we broke up, in the last months he started saying that he was confused about his life and he wanted to change the place.

What should i do?
Right now i'm trying to stick to my decision that we sho

--> trying to stick to my decision that we shouldn't see each other.


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  • Maybe you both need some space from each other. You need to be a 100% certain that he's what you want, or don't want.

    30-40 mins isn't that far xx I used to live 2hrs away from my ex and we lasted 5yrs. Don't worry about the distance. He won't forget about you. What you need to do is make yourself interesting. Talk about things he finds interesting, make jokes, be happy. Being happy and independent is what every guy wants their girl to be. So move on in every way other than date other guys.

    See how things are a month from now. If you're happy with your decision, don't contact him for a while. Give yourself time to move on and heal. If you want him back, then contact him.

  • Isn't him moving away a good thing? It'll help you move on.

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