I am getting my ex girlfriend back, HELP PLEASE?

we started going out in may of 2014. it hasn't been the smoothest relationship but seriously i think i love her, we always come back to each other no matter what. she is my weakness and i am hers.

rewind to this past September.. i admit i said some bad things to her, and she decided enough was enough. she broke it off.

1 month later we start talking again, i apologized and give her a whole speech and we get back together for about 2 weeks. we broke up in the middle of a restaurant, standing up in front of everyone yelling at each other. she left me money for her food and walked away.

we haven't spoken since then, until 3 nights ago. i texted her and we've been texting back and forth non stop ever since. we talked about what we're up to, and how terrible our most recent break up was. even if she has nothing to say, she texts back even if its just an emoji

i never stop thinking about her, and im currently seeing another girl for about 3 weeks now. even when im in bed with her after sex, i think of my ex girlfriend and how i wish it was her cuddling up next to me...


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What Girls Said 1

  • First of all it's not fair to the new girl. You're thinking of your ex even when you're with her. You're not even giving the new girl a chance. I'd end it with the new girl. Do not date anyone until you're truly over your ex. She's just going to be more hurt the longer you delay it.

    Or option 2. Try for the final time with your ex. But it has to be completely different. Do not bring up your past relationship ever again. Try to start a new one with her. Make yourself interesting, make yourself happy without her. Message her and make conversation that she finds interesting. Make her laugh.

    You're not going to be able to move on if you're still thinking of your ex. Which goes to the final option. Cut all contact for at least 2 years.


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  • it would seem to me like you are not over her and this current girl is just a "rebound" relationship. what the heart wants and what the heart needs are two different things, if your relationship with her was always rocky then maybe it always will be. Take some time to yourself and address your issues. maybe the "no contact rule" will help you. if you are both in each others lives daily neither of you will move on or heal. plus this new girl is bound to get hurt do you really want to hurt her too?

    • you must've skimmed my post. i haven't spoken to my ex since late October

    • ah apologies !

  • just another very unhealthy relationship