What is considered cheating?

what do you consider cheating?


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  • kissing someone else, and anything beyond that obviously.

    cybersex with someone who is not your partner. phonesex with someone who is not your partner.

    pretending to be single - why else would you be doing it if you don't have the intention to cheat? you obviously want other people to consider you an option, thus, you're considering cheating an option. although technically, you'd still have to kiss an beyond.

    i've always been iffy on the "emotional cheating" stuff, but I think to an extent it is somewhat real. if you develop feelings for someone who is not your partner, your partner would be equally hurt than if you just got trashed and made out with some random. actually, that's not true. I'd be more hurt by the former than the latter.

    i don't know. if my boyfriend talked more to a girl who wasn't me, and treated her differently than other female friends, I would definitely be angry and jealous, and would feel it's not right. technically he wouldn't be cheating I think. so emotional cheating is not exactly cheating, but in all honesty I think it's pretty close and has the potential to be more hurtful.

    like I said before, I'd be more hurt if my partner developed feelings for someone else than if they just got trashed and got with someone else. it's because in the latter it was meaningless and they were not in the right state of mind. I'm not saying inebriation or intoxication are excuses, but I am saying that what matters to me more are the feelings involved, and the intentions involved. getting drunk and hooking up with someone generally doesn't have feelings involved, nor is it a pre-mediated act.


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  • there are different types of cheating: emotional, sexual...

    these two are the biggest. sexual is obvious and needs no explanation. basically having sexual contact with someone else other than your partner.

    emotional cheating is talking to someone else other than your partner, spending more time with them and develop strong feelings for them!

    • So your saying if you talk to other girls while your dating someone is cheating?

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    • What else is there besides emotional and sexual? exam cheating?

    • Very funny "Jeeperss"

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  • Agreeing someone that you're in a mutually exclusive sexual/romantic relationship with them, and going back on that agreement.

  • engaging in a sexual activity with someonelse


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