Is it now time to delete her off Whatsapp?

I had an affair with a married woman. I didn't know she was married. Anyway this ended 12 months ago but I kept the texts as proof incase she tried to deny it to her husband or whoever else.

Now, nothing has happened so I guess she hasn't told her husband coz he's never come looking for me. Is it now the right time to delete her off whatsapp or shall I still keep her on just incase anything comes up in the future?

Im led to believe even if you delete texts they can still be retrieved if needed? Is that correct?


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  • I don't think texts can be retrieved once deleted. Maybe if you save them somewhere else you could. I'd say it's time to delete her yes. :)


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  • Why would you keep text? Why would you want to grass her up

    • Incase she plays the victim, tries to say I forced things etc... you never know. Woman scorned & all that?

    • Scorned?

    • Yeah google it "hELL hath no fury like a woman scorned" I think it means if you do her wrong she'll make your (my) life twice as bad meaning she won't wanna be seen as bad girl, so she'll make it out like she's victim & im the bad guy which obviously

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  • remove contacts, save the evidence.

  • Texts can't be retrieved.. Although if I am not wrong you can send a backup of your texts to your email.

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