How would you feel if your ex gf/bf called you to apologize? And told you this?

Let us say that both wronged each other. But after mutual breakup she thought you were cheating on her. And 2 months later she calls to apologize. Guys how would you feel? She has reachrd out to you before through text. But this time. Out of blue in morning. A call. And she apoligizes. You tell her you will contact her later because you feel overwhelmed. Text her 2 hrs later thanking her for call and appreciating it because it takes guts to do. How you felt like you had a great thing going on, but it seemed she was unhappy. Etc and she explains why she felt. And tells you that what hurts her is the fact that you gave up on her. That she had 1000 reasons to leave you but chose 1 to stay. And you had many to stay but left for 1. How would her response make you feel?

If your ex called you and told you this? Your response?
What do you guys think?


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  • It would cause me to reflect on our time together. I'm unsure if it would change things between us, though. The fact that she doesn't seem to trust me, evident in her cheating accusations, coupled with the fact that we regularly argued, and, in anger, she couldn't handle her emotions, among other things, would not sit well with me.

    Did you ask him to consider reconciling with you?

    • But it isn't like he was faultless as he said... And no i didn't ask him to reconcile things because i believe if he really did want me back he would say something. After all i have never given up on him despite having many reasons. I've reached out to him 4x already. That would be last. I think it has to be something that he realizes

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  • This is really confusing but I think I got most of it. Honestly I would feel like she really cares and loves me. Even through difficult times she'll be there for me and willing to work hard to make the relationship work. #keeper

    • I see. But she is your ex and you have broken up. I did this yesterday. And he thanked me towards the end and said he was glad to understand my perspective a bit more. And that was the end of it. What now? Is he thinking things through and reflecting?

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