I can't take this anymore!! I want to so bad! :(

OMG guys, you don't know how desperate I feel! You know that feeling when you get like a mosquito bite and you want to scratch so so bad but you don't want to make it worse so you just have to make yourself not touch? Well, I feel like that except it ain't no mosquito bite.

Its been almost 3 months that my ex and I broke up. I've been missing him sooooo much and I want to talk to him via IM, MySpace, phone, I don't care I just want to talk! I DO NOT want to be in a relationship right now I would just like us to talk.

We have not talked by phone in almost 2 months. I don't want to be that "crazy ex girlfriend" so that's why I feel like this because I'm holding it. However, last week it was his birthday and I was undecided on sending him a happy birthday wish. So that day I just texted "Happy birthday" even thought we haven't even talked. I was surprised I got a reply. It read "Thank you. Although it would have been better if you gave me a call, but thank you" This made me think that he does want us to talk but I'm scared.

Since then, I feel like breaking that "no contact" thing and call but honestly I DO NOT want to be the first to do so. I don't know what to do, I feel like I want to call but I'm scared of finding out he has a girlfriend, or maybe he wants nothing to do with me.

What do you guys think I should do? Remember: I'm not trying to get back together, I would like a friendship.

And what's up with that text he replied? What do you think he means/feel by that?

Help! :(


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  • Well, how did you guys break up. If it wasn't ugly, then there shouldn't be any problems with talking. Also, quickly, if he didn't want anything to do with you, then he would not have said thank you when you wished him happy birthday, and he DEFINITELY wouldn't have wished that you would have called (this says [to me at least] that he still has feeling for you or still regards you as a good friend. Either that or he would like to talk about what happened between the two of you). If you do talk to him, must make it clear that you don't want a relationship, he should understand.

    Now, if the relationship ended ugly (one of you was abusive, had a fight that you don't consider a dumb mistake), then it might be better off not trying to talk to him (but it doesn't sound like the case).

    Also, really quickly, when you say that your 'scared of finding out he has a girlfriend', that says that you do want a relationship. Since your worried that he's moved on, it sound like you still have feelings for him. I'm not saying that you should get back together tomorrow, but just think about your feeling and what they could mean. Both this and the fact that you still want to talk to him says that you regret breaking up and probably want to get back together (eventually).

    But in the mean time, I don't think friendship will be a problem. He already said he would like to talk, so oblige, you will both feel better.

    Good luck

    • The break up was not ugly and he kept calling me like 2 times after that and I called him once on new years. That was the last time. I do have feelings still that's why I'm scared of a "umm I have a girlfriend" I don't want to be with him at the moment though. And like you said, I am worried he's moved on because I haven't. I'm just scared on calling him. But thanks for the answer, it really helped :)

    • Well, I maintain my position to talk to him, especially if he tried calling you after it happened. It sounds like he wants to make things better. And, he may have a girlfriend, may not, but from what I've heard (but it isn't much, so it might not be right), he still likes you, so I doubt he would have moved on, especially THIS soon; it can take a guy a long time to get over a break up, especially if he was happy during his relationship.

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  • Yikes... not touching this one!


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  • let him do the talking. if he said that he could very well have called you. if it ended there's a reason so just rethink it, because once you start talking u're gonna wana hang out and alll those feelings are gonna come back running :[ it sucks yes been thru it but try to hold off on it..

  • just because he said 'thank you' does not mean necessarily he wants you back. don't jump to conclusions. just be friends. don't over text him and that should be fine. hang out for coffee and that's it and hang out with your regular friends.

  • I am exactly in the same situation as you are... Things are hard. He used to talk to me as well until he stopped about a month ago. Nothing since that.

    I know he has sex will all sorts of differerent girls. I can't stand it.

    I can't be the one to talk to him.


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