I think its time for me to move on (for good)?

Im absolutely bummed out about my decision making. I really need to move on from someone lol He hasn't even done anything wrong, but maybe I just don't trust myself right now and think its best for me to move on. Will dating around help me move on? I hear it doesn't, but If I find a guy equally attractive will that help? Or maybe someone average or below? thanks for the help.


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  • dating will help.

    if you've invested a lot into 1 person, yeah its difficult af to let them go and just move on.

    but trying is the only way to success.


What Girls Said 2

  • It does help some people but not others. You could always try dating someone new, if it causes you more pain you can always decide to put dating on hold for a while. You will probably get one of two results dating someone else... you will either pine for your ex... wishing the new guy was him, or the new guy will keep your mind focused on the present. He may even turn out to be everything you want. It is worth a try ♥

  • Will it matter if is equally attractive if he isn't ideal personality-wise?

    • attraction is important to me lol