What is he doing?

I broke up with my ex of 4yrs around Christmas. We had a massive argument, but towards the end he was less attentive, didn't ask how my day was, and didn't take an interest in my life, or support me emotionally etc. He treated me badly, and i allowed it to continue for too long.

So now it's been over 2 weeks of us not talking to each other. I've been getting on with my life, learning new things, working out, making new friends etc.

I found out from a mutual friend that he was asking about me, but then turned around and said he can't talk to me because it hurts him too much. I never asked to talk to him, nor have i contacted him at all during this time.

But what i don't understand is why my ex would ask about how i'm doing, and what i'm up to, yet say that he's too hurt to talk to me personally? It confusing more than anything.

Guys why would he react in this way? What is going through his mind?


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  • That's totally clear! I guess he still have feelings for you and that's why he asks about you and he wants to talk to you and wants to fix things between both of you, but the thing is, his ego is preventing him from making that step.


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