How can I get my ex boyfriend back when he broke up with me for being depressed?

My boyfriend recently broke up with me but I feel like there's still a chance for getting him back. We go to the same school but I've been on a vacation for 2 months and he texted me and we talked and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Near the beginning of the year we also did talk before and became great friends and j realized I liked him but he was hot and cold so I decided to give up. But so we haven't seen each other in two months and well I told him out my depression and he said he didn't know how he was going to deal with it left then came back and said he wouldn't leave, now he says that he thinks I dont need a boyfriend but a supportive friend. He still really wants to be there but I feel like of I com eback and talk to him personally I can somehow work this out? Do you think it's possible? And if so what should I say to him?


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  • Stop being naive mate... its the way guys roll... overthinking seems to be a real thing. stop doing it, you will drive him away and then have more questions. he is just being a guy. if he broke up with you i can GUARANTEE you that it is not about your depression but your overthinking.
    here's a tip, just don't think as much, start doing You and see, he might get attracted to you again and this time YOU get to tell HIM 'no'

  • He breaks up when you're down? You really want a piece of shit like that?


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