Cheating and morality...

Yesterday I flirted with someone who wasn't single and was very close to kissing her... I know it's wrong and I'd never cheat on my partner, but in the moment... I was single and very interested, I got the impression she felt the same also. It's probably good that we never did anything, but the attraction is still there. I'm not going to ask if its right or wrong, or if it's her fault or my fault if we did kiss, because I know it is wrong, but Is it wrong to like someone who isn't single? It might seem like an open and close question, but my friends seemed annoyed about it. Or was it the fact that if she did kiss me I wouldn't stop her from doing so?


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  • You can't help how you feel. It's not your fault nor is it hers. I'm not saying this is essentially true, but maybe she is not completely happy in her relationship?

    From personal experience, I was in a relationship that I was not completely happy in. Then this guy who was a mutual friend moved back into town and we just had this sizzling electric attraction between us. I remember the first time we were just standing next to each other and there was this shock that ran through my arm. In time we both developed a major crush on each other. We kissed on one occasion.

    I never ever would have cheated on my boyfriend. And I tried not to take my feelings seriously, I just joked about it. Three years later when I broke up with my boyfriend and he broke up with his girlfriend we kind of fell into seeing each other and it was incredible! The most romantic and electric guy I have ever been with. I have never ever felt like that with anyone else.


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  • Don't do anything that you don't expect from your own partner and if you can allow her then you are free to do the same., (Morality is not overrated so stick to it.)


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