My boyfriend broke up with me out of no where and I think its due to adornment issues. Any advice?

After dating for about 7-8 months I felt that things were a little off between me and my boyfriend. When you get to know someone/ date them you really get to see the good bad and ugly and what the deal breakers are. I noticed early on that he had tendencies of being so jealous and had so many insecurities yet he carried himself so confidently, how could that be? I am and was so caught up in him that it hurt my feelings that he was be so angry and jealous all the time putting the blame on me when in reality I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was as simple as talking about a famous actor, talking to the bar tender etc. I know what you are all thinking… he’s nuts. I know I know I Would think that to I mean I did. I would always try and talk to him about things and he finally opened up to me about some past relationships and his childhood. Growing up his dad was not very nice he would always put him and his brother down no matter what it was making them never feel good enough. He grew up thinking he wasn’t good enough and had very low self-esteem. In high school the girl he was dating had cheated on him with his best friend and then in college his girlfriend had left him for someone he knew from around campus not a friend but still. While going through the break up in college he also lost his older brother to cancer and never went to therapy. I think a lot of issues that he has stems from past issues. Moving back into the present he broke up with me out of nowhere I was blindsided. He told me that he needed to work on himself and that it wasn’t fair for me to have to put up with him and all of his problems. He told me I was too good for him and that even though he loved me very much that I needed to be happy in life and not try and fix him. I agree to a certain extent but I am confused. Guys I guess that’s where my question comes in, wasn’t that my decision to make? I care for him and love him so very much and was willing to work through things.


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  • Either person can make the decision to end a relationship. Either he was being honest about why he wanted to break up, or he played the it's not you it's me card. Maybe give it some time and see if he comes back..


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