Apparently I thought I've moved on from my ex but I still think about him like what would happen if I become a junior and he becomes a senior next year. Like what would I do if I saw him at school or what would happen if we dated again and what what would happen if things were different. Ik ex is for a reason. I doubt I meant that much to him if we lasted 11 months


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  • Ahh... you're young. The good part about this is when you become a few years older... you'll be like, "da fuck i see in him".

    It hurts. The dangerous with relationships, but i can tell you he's not the one. Just do your school work and continue with life. All of the pieces will fall in place soon. Just take one step at a time... stop thinking of the future of "what ifs" because it'll drive you insane.

    • I knew this happened for a reason. One of the perks I'm grateful of being broken is that it grew me stronger

    • You'll be fine. The most important thing to do is keep yourself busy. Dont sit there and dwell about it.

    • Yeah there's definitely no what ifs ha.

  • Hopefully you won't have to. It usually sucks seeing an ex with someone new.. 11 months isn't such a short amount of time either. I bet he thinks of you sometimes..

    • I doubt it. I don't think it was real. 🙁. Bc I would plan a place so we can meet up, then when I come. He's not there. I'm not sure if he was nervous or what. I just think I felt manipulated.

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    • I wished you good luck. You should give my opinion a like..

    • Oh I thought you meant there's a downside but ok

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