Why does my heart hurt so much?

I just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years. It was a very abusive relationship but he had a son that I became so close with. Everyone is so glad I walked away from him but why am I suffering so much from the pain of missing him?


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  • Are you sure that is the reason, maybe you getting heart strokes...


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  • You both had great times together, that is what drew you in.
    Your heart hurts so bad because you were able to build a connection with him and his son.

    But anytime the bad outweighs the good in a relationship,
    it is time to move on.
    Eventually your heart will heal.
    You did the right thing.

    Trust me, you will not feel this way forever.
    It's too easy to stay in a situation of comfort.
    When it's provided that we leave, and look elsewhere, our fear of the unknown is what stops us in our tracks.
    Don't worry,
    I am here to reassure you that all will be okay.
    You can and will do it on your own.
    With time, you will grow stronger.

    I'm glad to see that you know you deserve better.


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  • Women love playing victims to seem innocent and good...


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  • Because you went from seeing and talking to someone and their son everyday to not anymore-- it's a hard adjustment especially if your life revolved around them. It's not going to be easy but it's a good thing you left, because you should never tolerate being taken for granted, and especially abuse.

  • I think what hurts the most is that you weren't only close to your ex but your ex's son. Maybe walking away from his son is reason why you feel that way. That and because it's been 2 years that you've been together

  • Because you know that chapter of your life is done now, and you've got a whole world of opportunities ahead of you without that constant that you once had.

    It's scary, it's sad because you know things that you didn't think would be memories so soon suddenly are.

    And yeah, he was abusive, but I'm sure you still loved him at some point. It's never easy to leave behind someone you love or loved.

  • Because you love him. Go out, have fun! Find a new hobby, it will keep your mind distracted and it will be easier for you to move on

  • Its normal that you do so because you have been in it for two years but if that's the right thing to do you shouldn't feel that way. Just give it some time, everything settles and becomes okay. Don't stress about it or feel bad if he is abusive. That's something you need to stay away from. You can contact his son sometime if he's okay with it but just don't regret it if you didn't do something wrong. I hope I helped and you'll feel better. :)

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