Will we get back together?

My boyfriend of 9 months broke up with me a week ago. He said he wants to break up with me because he's not in love with me. He likes me a lot, but doesn't want to make the same mistake (he married a girl he's not in love with and it ended badly... however, that girl was crazy and did not treat him well...he told me this). I told him that it takes time for those feelings to develop. He said he gave it time, but that "butterflies" feeling never came.

Here's the background of the story...He's a very sensitive guy and sometimes I would unintentionally say things that would upset him. Instead of telling me, he would pretend nothing is wrong. We almost broke up in the beginning of our relationship (3rd month) because I said something that he thought was offensive but didn’t say anything until a month later. We talked and it was fine. I’m going to add that I’m not as sensitive as he is and that I don’t really like talking about my feelings too much and I have this “tough” appearance that nothing bothers me.

So during the breakup I asked if it was something that I’ve done. He said no. With further pressing, he told me that there were a few incidents that something I said made him mad. But he doesn’t think that was the reason. So I said, “okay if this is what you want..”. I told him I’ll be back tomorrow to pick up all my things.

The next day, I got to his place… my mission was just to gather all my things and said one last thing to him then leave. Instead, he grabbed me and hugged me for a very long time. He then want me to sit down and talk. He told me that this is really hard for him because he was really happy and that I treat him so well. And that he’s afraid he might make the same mistake if he doesn’t fall in love with me. He said he feels really sad and upset, even more upset than when his last marriage ended (he was with her for 6 years). He said he cried and that he never cries. At that point I know he’s really confused.

I offered to improve my behavior and be more sensitive to him and that he will have to let me know when I did or said something wrong. He said he’s not sure if that’s the real problem. He said it might be chemistry. But that isn’t true because he was completely infatuated with me before the incident that led to the first “almost” break up. I left. Nothing was resolved. Then later that night I wrote him an email letting him know that I really want to try to work things out. He called me the next night telling me he need some time to think things through. He mentioned that if we get back together, he knows it’ll be it. As in, with me forever. I told him to not think that he’ll be stuck with me if this doesn’t work out. All I want is a chance to work things out to see if it helps. I don’t want to give up without trying.

After that phone conversation. I wrote him another email. This time I told him everything about
+1 y
(cont')...me… all of my fears and insecurities. I think he had trouble connecting with me because I had my walls up.

So what do you think? Do you think there’s a chance that we’d get back together?

Will we get back together?
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