A theory on her feelings?

I messed things up with the girl of my dreams.

How often does that happen? . lolz.

But, it's true. A while back I dated the best girl ever. ... But, I still had feelings for an Ex and was honest about it. After multiple attempts at reconciliation, no luck brought back my fortune. She says she's no longer interested and was turned off by the way i handled things.

But, I have a theory. I know what happened hurt her. Bad. I actually still chose her, but the fact i had to think about it pissed her off. Now, what if she DOES still like me, but is too afraid of the hurt? I've become a gamble in her eyes. I was a very good boyfriend, and I say that out of fact, not arrogance. I only date seriously, and i loved what I had. I showed her off and flaunted her whenever I could. She loved it. She has insecurities and the fact that I adored it all made her so happy. But i fell into the Ex trap, and lost the game. But, seeing as how i was one of if not the most genuine guys she had, what if that scares her? and moreso, that would mean I really hurt her. Since I was close and real, the damage was worse. We'd liked each other for years.

This is all a theory me and my 'inside source' formulated. I'm tight with the girl that introduced us, and she says she was in a similar situation. She felt so afraid tob give her guy a 2nd chance, bc the damage hurt worse. Even told me she'd really considered giving me another shot and would ask her (my friend) what she thought. It's been on my mind all week, and I appreciate all who help.!

All opinions welcome, and thank you for your thoughts in advance. !!

  • She's Straight up. You're boned bro.
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  • Good Theory.!! They say a girl never tells her secrets.
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  • I'd say it's possible that she feels this way. I've known guys to give up on amazing girls because they were too frightened to take the risk. But there's no way you can push through it, it has to be her choice now to come back to you.

    My advice would be to be gentle around her if you talk. If you're not currently talking, send her a friendly message once a week. Tell her you miss her. In the end it will be her decision. Maybe all she needs is some time, maybe not.

    • Yehh, I'd went Balls out once, and everything. Invited her to ashow with surprise tix and everything. It didn't go well, and I think i spooked her. She blocked me on FB, but then was asking my friend if she should or shouldn't... so I'm guessing her contemplating it is at least a sign of something.

What Guys Said 1

  • How about... SHE messed things up? Everything about her is somehow excused. This is gynocentric and gynosympathetic mentality.

    • Oh nah, this one is in me. Lolz. Trust me, it's the ONLY time it's ever been on me. 😂