What does he really want?

My ex who broke up with me a few months ago but continues to have contact with told me a week ago that I should find someone who will love me the way I want because he is not that guy and I told him thank you for breaking my heart again and that he will never hear from me again. He was drunk when he told me. But he texted me 2 days later as if nothing happened, but I ignored him, then the next day he texts to ask if I'm mad at him, but I give in and text him and he texts me everyday for 4 days, and calls me a few times. He wanted me to promise him that if we are both single in 4 years that we will get married and be happy, so what am I to him?


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  • An option... an open option. I know the feeling all too well. It's hard to walk away, but you need to. Even if it's for a little while cut off contact. I know it's easier said then done.

    • I agree and I don't want to be an option, it sucks. It is very hard to walk away but I know I have to do it because in the end I will only get hurt. He has become distant again and maybe it's my time to just walk away now... Thanks for helping me with my question 🙂

    • You're welcome and I'm sorry. I know it's hard. I dealt with it for over a decade.