For those who have been cheated on... how long did it take for you to let go of the anger/get over it?

I was cheated on last year, long story short I'm still pissed off.

Not as much as I was but I'm still angry about it.

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  • I'm still upset/angry/hurt by it but I've come to accept it so it doesn't bother me anymore/as much... basically I've come to terms with it and view it as scar instead of an open wound.
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lol who gets over something like this in just days? I wrote that option as a joke...


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  • It took me a few years. I always knew that our relationship wasn't healthy and that it was never going anywhere, but being cheated on was still a blow.

    I didn't find out until after we had broken up so I didn't even get a chance to get angry at him about it.

    • Similar situation, she was very passive aggressive towards me and was always being tight lipped about what she was doing so I always had my suspicions.

      I caught her with another guy few days after she said she wanted a break so it made it hard to react (because in my head technically we weren't together so she could do whatever she wanted). But I found out afterwards that she had been seeing that guy while we were still together.

      So in a way I never got my chance to get angry with her...

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    • lol she actually had the nerve to say to me when I caught her with another guy that I was "just getting lost in my insecurities again"... some people just lack the courage to be honest.

    • Oh, how I could go on and on about *that*. But I won't.

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  • Your success in everything depends on your mind set. Do not go into relationship with the mind set that your whole life depends on it. Go into a relationship with the mind, that you want to give it a try and give in your best, if it works fine, if it does not then it becomes a lesson. By this you will be unhurt.


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  • Close to a year & im still bitter towards her for using me. I still get triggers but a lot better than i was

    • "Using me" What do you mean?

  • Im still pissed off about it. We had a kid together, she cheated and I found someone else. Now she is furious that I have moved on. She still talks about getting back together as a family.

    • Good for you, and fuck her for her disloyalty... but was it a one night stand type of mistake or was it multiple times with multiple people?

      If it was a one time thing than maybe in time forgive her BUT if she was having a second relationship with someone or just straight hoeing around well maybe it's best that you stay separated... but still you should try to forgive her because you don't deserve to be upset by someone else's mistake.

    • It was with a co-worker. They talked for some time, getting to know each other. We had a fight and that's how that happened. Up until last week they have been together. Now she wants what we had.
      I have full custody of our kiddo, so now she want to come around more often.