Do you believe that guys are more stronger when it comes to walking away from a relationship?

I have my days where I am very joyful and I'm like, I'm done, this relationship is over. But then I get to thinking and my heart starts to feel like it's being suffocated and I'm like, no, I love him there's no way I can be with anyone else.
Every relationship that I've seen come to an end, the guys always seemed more stronger. Why?
I know their hearts aren't made of steel, so how the hell is it so easy for them to walk away and not seem weak, even if they are dying inside?
because I try to come off strong but I'll think of being over and I literally break down to the the point I can't eat, walk, or do anything...

Share your thoughts, please.


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  • Whichever person has the most invested emotionally into a relationship will be hurting the most when it's broken. The one with the least emotional investment usually can break it off easier (with less heartache, or it being as difficult a decision).

    Since girls tend to be far more emotional about nearly everything in their lives, they'll be emotionally stressed more often than a guy will. Also, because girls tend to show their emotions far more easily than a guy, she'll often visibly show that emotion to her friends (whether it's happy or sad emotions!).

    Do guys hurt after a break up? Oh yeah! When my ex wife left me for what led to an eventual divorce, I was devastated for several weeks. I couldn't eat, had trouble sleeping, work meant nothing. I literally functioned on auto-pilot, going here and there with zero meaning or care. I felt like I was falling for 6-9 weeks in the pit of my stomach. Emotionally, I felt like I was sliding down a slick deep hole and nothing I seemed to do would stop the slide. I found myself crying while watching TV, or just driving in the car. But all of this happened while I was alone. And one of my "friends" simply said, "Welcome to the club. What you need to do is go out and get laid!". Truthfully, the LAST thing I wanted to do was that.

    Don't feel like girls are the only ones that suffer after a break up.

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      my ex walked away from me after claiming he was the one who did most of the investment (emotionally, mentally, time wise and effort) and that he loves me more than I ever loved him. Guess what a week ago, he told me he's over me after a week of break up. like seriously?

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  • It really depends on the individual.

    My guy friend broke up with his girlfriend and he curled into his bed crying for a few days.

    My friend girl broke up with her boyfriend and she says she will never meet anyone better than him, no guy can ever compare, and she just lives in a depresh.

  • I think this is a very personal thing to different people, there is that expectation for guys to take I well and leave gracefully but tbh its all a load of bullshit we hurt just as much if we really wanted it to work.

    • Do you believe that u never love someone like u loved ur first love?

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    • Hmmmm, very well said!!! Thanks. Kind of opened my mind up.

    • happy to help, trust me you can be 20 or 24 like me and still be no where near there yet, maybe when I 60 ill know enough lol.

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  • There's a societal expectation for guys to be "the tough ones" so hiding their expectations is simply something they've grown up with ! They are feeling the pain just as badly as you are (unless of course they cheated on you or hated you or whatever). Just because they don't show it doesn't mean they aren't cut up and they don't cry or sit at home eating ice cream watching rom coms :)

  • guys deal with it in a very different way. they don't like to talk about it or cry in public because they think they need to be tough, like they don't care. if he really loved you i can tell you he hurts just as bad as you do. they cry when there's no one around them and play video games all day or they go out a lot and sleep with every girl they bump into just to not feel this way. girls are very emotional creatures and guys are not very different from that , they just never show because they want to believe they are strong and not weak. sometimes they date a new girl very fast ever the relationship has came to an end ( rebound ). it feeds their ego because there is another girl who wants to be with them. that relationship won't last long. guys have feelings to and sometimes it gets to much for them to. i hope you will be okay. i know how it feels. you can talk to me if you want.

  • I agree. As a matter of fact, kinda going through that situation right now. We got into this fight last night, and I said some pretty harsh things and I don't think he will come back. Now I feel like he can just move on and put it behind him, but Im not that strong emotionally. I will always play the memories of us being together and all the good times even if I was with someone else. I think it does hurt them to a certain extent, but it is probably their pride that won't allow them to let the girl see that it affected them emotionally. They want the girl to be the one to want them back so they come out of it looking strong all the while the girl's heart is breaking as it occurs. It sucks.

  • It depends on the individual. I've been accused of not having feelings because I can easily detach and move on from an ex. One ex said he was so heart broken, he contacted me after three months saying his life sin't the same. I told him, sorry but I'm done. A year later he contacted me again and said he missed me still but is getting better.