Should I stop talking to this guy and stop being pathetic?

Long story short, I fell in love with this guy back in Oct. and we had a falling out and it's been really hard letting go. I've never been in love before him.

We still talk and he says he likes to talk to me and misses me but he doesn't want to see me and says he isn't "sure about dating anyone right now."

Everytime I tell myself I'm going to stop talking to him, I end up missing him horribly after only a day and text him because I know he'll reply. I feel that I'm being so pathetic and I'm sure he thinks I'm pathetic as well. I kind of feel like a loser. I want to be strong and preserve my dignity but I just end up falling back into this rut.

Is there anything I can do to stop being like this? Anything I can tell myself to muster up the resolve to just let it go? I've tried talking to other guys and going on dates, going to meetups, etc but it hasn't made things better.

  • Stop talking to him, he's an asshole and you deserve better
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  • Keep talking to him, he'll come around eventually and want to be with you
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  • Honestly it's because you care. You're only going to be able to go through this. There's no shortcuts. You need time to heal.
    I'd stay away from him and not reply for at least a month. Work on yourself, learn something new, relax with your friends, have fun. But don't date other guys during this time, you won't be ready to. It just makes us more upset. It's like trying to put a plaster on something that needs stitches.

    • Ok today has been the first day of no talking. How can I stop thinking about him? Missing him? Last night I tried to get him to come over but he wouldn't, so I told him that I was done with texting and if he wanted to talk to me, he could call me. All he said was "sorry." I feel like shit and I'm always second guessing if I said the wrong thing. Do you think he will ever want to talk to me again?

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    • I finally stopped. Yesterday was the first day of not talking to him at all for 24hrs. He texted me with a :( but I didn't respond.
      I know I'm doing the right thing but I hope that he will want to be with me in the future. It just hurts me so much that he wants to text me but doesn't want to see me. It's just so wrong of him to do that to me.

    • It is wrong of him. And i know how hard it is, you did really well not to reply. Message me if you ever need anyone to talk to. There's a lot of us who've gone through this. You're not alone x

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  • You're not doing yourself any favours by keeping him in your life. Stop talking to him completely. No contact with any exes ever. Best way to live.